Testimonies of Axe Immobilier directors and employees

Some testimonies from Axe Immobilier directors and employees on their professional development within the group:



Anne GOUELLE - Customer Relationship Manager - Forward Funding Sales Management

"I joined AXE IMMOBILIER in 2013 after having worked in several companies as an administrative and customer management officer. I was initially in charge of reception and general services before changing roles in Axe in 2017 to the position of Customer Relations Officer - Sales Management. I was keen to get back to actions directly related to housing and customer support, and Axe allowed me to do so by responding favourably to my desire to evolve within the group, and by giving me the opportunity to help with the creation of this position."

 Romain Rivais

Romain RIVAIS - Director of Operational Development

"I joined AXE in September 2016, after more than 10 years of experience in the building industry.

My background, which was very technical at the time, did not prevent Alain BEYNET and Alain DELAPORTE from offering me a position as programme manager. I think they saw this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance and gave me a chance to flourish in this role, which is probably more operational than most developers, but which also allowed me to learn about its other aspects, whether contractual, legal or commercial.

After about three years spent in this position on various projects, both in the design and execution phases, I wanted to move on to the preliminary phase of the development profession.

My management listened to this request and offered me a transition phase. So, for a few months, I divided my time between my tasks as programme manager and those of commercial and residential development. This period allowed me to discover a new facet of real estate, to confirm that I wanted to go down this path, but also to prove my motivation and my ability to adapt.

In November 2020, I officially joined AXE IMMOBILIER's development department.

AXE IMMOBILIER is a company that demands a lot from its employees. But the proximity with the group's decision-makers is real and it is easy to share your career development wishes.

Through mutual trust, AXE's management has supported me in my career path in order to balance my expectations with the interests of the group.”

 Christine Verrier

Christine GUYOT - Construction Assistant

"I joined the AXE IMMOBILIER Group in December 2006 for a 3-week temporary assignment, and I'm still here!

I knew nothing about the construction sector prior to joining, but I fell in love with the job and I would like to thank Alain BEYNET and Alain DELAPORTE for giving me the chance to learn about it.

I first worked for two years as an administrative assistant but it was obvious to me that it was the management of construction work that appealed to me. I've been doing this job for over 10 years now and I'm still passionate about it. No two projects are the same and it is always a great source of pride to be able to see a building and say to myself "I have also contributed in my own way."